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The legal field of family law is nuanced. Issues often elicit strong feelings which have the ability to change the course of a family’s life. It is critical to have a Family Law Attorney Fayetteville NC by your side to fight for the right outcomes, whether you are interested in a divorce or other family law problem.

We have been delivering extensive coverage in divorce and family law for over the years at the Fayetteville NC in Cumberland County.

family law attorney fayetteville NC

Best Child Custody Lawyers in Fayetteville, NC

Experienced Child Custody Lawyers

Rand and Gregory PA provides compassionate legal advice and counsel with regard to child custody matters, understanding that child custody is often one of the most difficult issues to resolve.

Child Custody Laws – Legal & Physical Custody

Child custody laws are distinguished between legal and physical custody of a child. Legal custody refers to the responsibility to make major life decisions for a child, and physical custody refers to where a child will primarily reside. When determining the type of custody arrangement that is in a child’s best interests, courts look at many factors, such as:

An experienced child custody lawyer can help divorcing parents achieve fair and beneficial child custody arrangements, often through processes of mediation or collaborative law, which avoid the stress and uncertainty of trial. Should litigation become necessary to protect our clients’ rights, however, we will go to court and zealously advocate on behalf of our clients’ interests.

Child Custody Law – Sole & Joint Custody

If one parent is awarded sole physical custody, the other parent is almost always given access to the child, with courts aiming to provide “frequent and meaningful” parenting time with the child. Under North Carolina child custody laws, visitation may be unsupervised, supervised, or therapeutically supervised. This means that even an abusive parent can get supervised daytime visitation with his or her child.

Any child custody lawyer from Rand and Gregory PA can also help clients modify a custody or visitation order if there is a significant change of circumstances that affects the child’s best interests.

Child Support

Expertise in Child Support Law

Rand and Gregory PA helps clients determine child support payments at the time of divorce, and also helps clients modify or enforce child support arrangements after a divorce has been finalized. With decades of divorce and family law experience, we are able to explain how child support in North Carolina is calculated, and effectively assert the rights of custodial and non-custodial parents.

Child Custody Attorneys Explain Child Support

When a parent does not live with his or her child, he or she is required to pay child support to the custodial parent or to the person who is taking care of the child. Child support includes:

Our attorneys will explain the child support guidelines, and how the process of paying and receiving child support works in North Carolina.

Spousal Maintenance

Experienced Alimony & Spousal Support Attorneys

Our attorneys assist clients in all matters related to divorce, including pre-divorce spousal maintenance and post-divorce spousal support determinations.

Alimony in North Carolina – Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, previously called alimony, is the legal term for money one spouse or former spouse may be required to pay the other spouse after divorce. While spousal maintenance may be set for life, it is generally awarded for a specific period of time. To determine the amount and duration of a maintenance award, courts consider these factors:

Spousal Support in North Carolina – Temporary Spousal Maintenance

If spouses are in the midst of divorce, a spouse who earns less than his or her spouse may be eligible for temporary spousal maintenance, or spousal support, while the divorce case continues. The courts consider many factors in determining temporary spousal maintenance, with many of the factors the same as or similar to those determining spousal maintenance after a divorce.

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