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The defense of people charged with DWI is a major focus of the criminal attorneys at Rand and Gregory PA. Our law firm helps people facing misdemeanor or felony traffic charges, by providing sound legal advice. We are here to help with DWI Lawyer Fayetteville NC, not judge.

The knowledge, experience, and training of your DWI lawyer are important. Choosing a lawyer should take time.

Consider the following:

For some reason, you were stopped by the police while driving. Law enforcement agents are expected to be able to state what that reason for the traffic stop was. Were you weaving unsafely between lanes? Did you roll through a stop sign? Or did you simply have a “look” about you that made a police officer suspect you as a possible impaired driver? When we defend people charged with DWI in North Carolina, we insist that the state meet its full burden of proving that there was a justifiable reason – not just a pretext – for the traffic stop

DWI Defense Involves Examining all Procedures of the NC DWI Arrest

In support of DWI criminal charges, a North Carolina police officer collects various types of evidence. Challenging the arrest is not only a matter of challenging field sobriety tests such as the breath test, or field sobriety tests designed to measure coordination. Other aspects of the arrest are worthy of investigation – including an examination into what you were told, and when.

There are no Pat Answers: Every Case is Unique

Challenging field sobriety tests by seeking answers to questions about North Carolina DWI cases is the job of a diligent DWI defense lawyer. No two North Carolina DWI arrests are the same. There is no “pat answer” that will “get a DWI arrestee off the hook.” A diligent DWI defense lawyer will examine every fact, and analyze every key piece of evidence in light of up-to-date laws related to driving while impaired. We may be able to help you keep your license and minimize or avoid jail time in North Carolina. Insist upon your rights.

The consequences of a DWI conviction can seriously affect your present and future way of life. Loss of driving privileges, present and future employment troubles, and future travel restrictions are a few common results of a DWI conviction. If you are not a U.S. citizen, a DWI could have adverse consequences to citizenship, application to admission into the United States and the ability to remain within the country. Put simply, it can be very complicated.

After a North Carolina DWI arrest, a DWI defense lawyer can help you protect your rights.

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