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Criminal Cases

Defending Against Criminal Charges For Over 95 Years

A criminal arrest or a pre-charge accusation is an urgent matter that must be handled with care. The actions you take after being charged with a crime, or contacted by law enforcement, can play a crucial role in the outcome of your case.

One of the most important things you can do to protect your future is hire an experienced defense lawyer who knows how to get results.

An Experienced, Board-Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer

At Rand & Gregory, we provide experienced criminal law representation to clients.

With more than 95 years of experience, our criminal law attorneys are prepared to handle complex, high-stakes criminal defense cases.

Our North Carolina Criminal Law Practice

We have the extensive experience, knowledge and training required to provide highly effective legal representation.
Rand & Gregory defends clients against a broad range of criminal charges, at both the state and federal level, including:

  • Traffic offenses, including drunk driving (DWI) and driving without a license
  • Drug crimes, involving possession, distribution, and trafficking of marijuana and other controlled substances
  • Theft crimes, such as credit card theft and shoplifting
  • Violent crimes, including kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon
  • Sex offenses, such as rape or online sexual exploitation of a minor
  • Domestic violence, against a partner, spouse, or family member
  • Weapons offenses, including violation of conceal and carry laws
  • College/underage crimes, such as minor in possession or DWI
  • White collar crimes, such as identify theft and embezzlement
  • Probation violations, including a failure to pay a fine or testing positive for drug usage

Our Personal Guarantee

Each case receives our close personal attention. We keep clients informed and always return calls promptly. Rand & Gregory also absolutely protects the confidentiality and trust each client places in them.

Whether you have been charged, accused of or are under investigation for a sex crime, violent crime or any criminal offense in North Carolina, it is important to consult with a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible.

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